pikanik is primo!

This is the first time I’ll actually be able to say the owner is a good friend of mine, which is why D & I decided to make the trek out to South Surrey from Vancouver and try Joanna’s newly opened pikanik Lunch Counter and Bakery where everything is gluten and nut free. However, having said that, folks who know me will also know that my review will still be objective.

Upon entering we were immediately greeted by their friendly server at the counter. The greeting rang out in the shop, and given how many times we heard it while we were enjoying our lunch, there was a steady stream of customers coming by. (I admit that sometimes I wasn’t looking up as I was concentrating on my food).

I like the shop’s set-up, a cute toy kitchen and seating area for kids, regular seating for those eating in, and an open view of their prep kitchen, which encompasses the “front” of the shop. This explains why their entrance is off of the parking lot, but I could see possibilities in the future. Perhaps unfrosting the glass in the front so that passersby can see the chef and baker preparing? Most of the baked goods are also in a glass display lowered down to be at eye level for kids, which makes watching them pick what they want so fun.

But let’s talk about the food. While we tried several things, what made the top of my list was the potato and leek soup. It was piping hot and yet the leeks were still crunchy and fresh. The portion was great for two and at under $5 D & I were pleased to be sharing. We got a few of the pumpkin-shaped vegan “cheesy” crackers with the soup. While I’m more of a fan of pikanik’s regular crackers with aged cheddar, I actually didn’t taste much of a difference and liked the crispiness in relation to the soup and leeks.

We also enjoyed the pesto ratatouille flatbread. The vegetables were a balanced mix of zucchini, what we think were cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper, mushroom, red onion, on a bed of pesto which cheese sprinkled on top. D likened it to a vegetarian pizza, and again portions were great for sharing. For only $6.50, the grapes on the side seemed like a bonus. This shot is minus one portion as D had eaten it before I could take a picture.

We also got a variety of baked goods to go as I was visiting my young brother and his family who live in Surrey. I ate both of the pumpkin snickerdoodles that I had gotten (with no remorse) and the kids really enjoyed the spooky ghost sugar cookies. One nephew ate the chocolate chip “eyes” off, then a niece would eat the ghost’s body. I had also ordered cranberry muffins and pumpkin-spice muffins that my older nephew, brother and sister-in-law ate up. Our bakery box was quickly empty which is a sure sign of satisfaction!

I just wish pikanik was closer. With a fresh menu everyday, I’m sure the team will come up with tasty and original offerings. I will have to try to stop by anytime I’m spending the day in Surrey!

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