My name is Monica and I am a Canadian-born Filipina.

I have no culinary experience, complex palate, or anything else to claim expertise in terms of food but I know what I like and I’d like to share that with you all!

I will blog about What’s in my mouth? whenever I have the inclination.

I will sometimes use my Mmm…Sarap! rating scale. It’ll go like this:

Pinakamasarap – the tastiest!

Masmasarap – better than tasty!

Mmmmura – cheap and tasty! (I added this rating on June 21, 2010)

Masarap – tasty!

Hindi masarap – Not tasty!

I figure a five rating system is easy to maintain. I won’t rate all the time.

Also, as you may already guess, I’ll try to incorporate some Tagalog words in my descriptions, because I want to, and sometimes it may be the only way I can describe something.

I currently have six categories, some self-explanatory.

Chicken wings get a category all on its own as I am on a quest to know where is the best chicken wing made at the moment? Normally I am talking about hot wings or buffalo wings, but I don’t rule out other types of wings. I know taste is often attributed to the chef, so I know that what I think is great today is not necessarily great tomorrow.

Stomach grumbles is a category I came up with to capture when I have a bad food experience. This can be because of the taste, cost, service or a combination of all. It helps me remember what places to avoid, or what items to avoid eating if I do return, so I hope it will also help you.


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