Found Some Filipino Food

Plato Filipino is one of the latest restaurants to hit Joyce Street and I am glad I found the time to try it.

First off, upon entry, the restaurant is well-lit, workers have a pleasing orange uniform, and the restaurant is neat and tidy. Great first impression.

While Plato is the typical turo-turo serving style, what I appreciate is how clean, orderly, and organized it is. It made me confident in the food preparation and serving process.

The server was on the phone taking an order, but did immediately acknowledge me as soon as I approached the cash register and helped me as soon as she could.

I ordered my go-to meal, sinigang ng baboy and added a barbequed quarter chicken. If I recall correctly I paid under $12 for the meal, which is only slightly more than a regular combo. The pork tamarind soup was satisfying in its sourness, had several pieces of meat and good veggies. The barbeque chicken was meat-ty, no scrawny birds here! It had extra barbeque sauce added on the outer layer, but I think it would have tasted just as good without. It was well cooked and warm. (For those who have read a previous post about a different Filipino restaurant that recently opened on Joyce, you’ll get this reference.)

I am glad that there is once again a Filipino restaurant in my work neighbourhood that I can return to and recommend to others. Looking forward to future food visits.

 Plato Filipino Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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