Flavourful Freebird

Tried a cute little kiosk-esque resto at the Quay today. I admit, I had a hint about Freebird when I saw a news article a while back mentioning Longtail’s owner has brought something else to the same food court location in New Westminster. Having an hour to kill waiting for an event gave me the opportunity to remember this news bite and take an actual bite of their fare.

Freebird focuses on chicken, one of my favourite proteins. FYI – My experience (and the prices) are a bit different than described on their website. I was told that the chickens were organic. I was presented with two options in how I want my chicken prepared, which came with accompanying sides. I chose their rotisserie half chicken, which came with your choice of sauce, chicken-fried rice, and papaya salad. I can’t remember the specific name of the sauce, but I do know it was tamarind based, mixed with at least chilli and fish sauce.


It was a good size to share. The chicken was very moist and had a unique flavour, definitely not typical of mainstream rotisserie chicken. After consulting with my personal chef, we concluded that they may include lemongrass perhaps during the brining process. Light or dark meat, the flavours were on-point and juicy. The skin had great colour and tasty to boot. The sauce was a nice addition, but the chicken could stand on its own. The sauce wasn’t overly sweet or sour. The papaya salad was not only a bit of a palette cleanser in between chicken bites, it announced itself with its level of heat! I didn’t try the chicken fried rice, but both D. and the little guy seemed to love it.

If you’re at the Quay and doing a quick walk around on the main floor, don’t walk by Freebird.

Freebird Chicken Shack Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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