Tried Thai New West

After more than a week of this viral thing I was trying to kick, I was craving something that would awaken my taste buds and appease my new found appetite so I decided to bring my family to Thai New West. We had gone before, a while back I guess, but I never blogged about it.

Unfortunately upon entry we were informed that they do not have high chairs or boosters for our toddler, which in itself almost turned us away. We knew this would mean a definite dining challenge for us even armed with a tablet and snacks. This was strike one for this resto, but we decided to try anyway.

My cravings had my order already in mind. Chicken satay and rice for the little guy, shrimp Pad Thai, lettuce wrap with beef and p20160401_172112apaya salad for D. and I.

The chicken was supposed to be the “safe” dish to feed the little guy, but unfortunately it wasn’t to his taste. The shrimp crackers were also supposed to be a saving grace but it was too spicy for him. It also ended up that the shrimp crackers were the spiciest thing on the table that night.

Which leads me to the papaya salad which was the next dish to arrive. I took the pic after taking out a portion of salad for my plate, that was how eager I was to bite into 20160401_172106it. It was refreshing and the papaya and the peanuts provided different textures of firmness to the dish, but…no zing. It wasn’t spicy at all. That is when I recalled that while we ordered we were never asked what spice range we were going for even though they mention it in their menu, and while we were there they asked folks on the phone who were ordering for pick up. Perhaps they did this on the assumption that the little guy would be eating from all of the dishes, but they never actually asked. You know what they say about how you shouldn’t assume. Strike two.

20160401_172054I chose the beef lettuce wrap for a different protein (there was only a beef or chicken option). Average in taste, no zip once again, but this ended up being a blessing in disguise because the little guy would eat this with the jasmine rice. Unfortunately it meant D. picking out some of the chopped up veggies before feeding, which meant a prolonged eating experience.

Finally, the dish I had been waiting for was the Pad Thai with tiger 20160401_172548prawns. When it arrived at the table I admit I was underwhelmed at the serving size. I was glad D. and I had ordered another dish and a salad because the Pad Thai could have easily been eaten by one person. Also, they served it with the smallest wedge of lime I’ve seen in a long time. The picture here does not do it justice, but the dish was desperately needing some citrus. A positive is that the tiger prawns were cooked perfectly, very plump and delectable.

After what seemed like an eternity, the little guy was finally full from the beef and rice and I went to settle the bill. After giving a reasonable tip the dinner totaled out to more than $60. I can’t justify that cost with the experience that we had so it is strike three and we’re out. I continue to be on the look out for a Thai restaurant that I can return to time and again.

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