Searching for sushi in my neighbourhood

I am still discovering local restaurants in my neighbourhood as I near the two-year mark of living in South-East Burnaby.

Osaka Island has been our go-to for sushi. Unfortunately, nothing really stands out. The food is average, as is the speed and service. It is spacious, which is important when you have to add a high chair at the end of a booth. We eat dinner early so we never have to wait for a seat. Parking is free and generally available. Primary reason that we return? It’s nearby.

Last night we decided to try something else and came upon Kojima Sushi. Probably the same distance-wise but a few other features to highlight. We were seated promptly and easily re-seated elsewhere when we requested. They provided child-friendly dishes and cutlery, which is always appreciated to help reduce noise (think silverware drumming on the table). They have a wide array of combinations that could pretty much satisfy any mixture desired. Service was quick and efficient.

We had ordered Combo B which included 1/2 California Roll, 1/2 Spicy Tuna Roll, Chicken Teriyaki & Udon, a Rainbow Roll, and an assorted tempura (10 pcs). After a few minutes, I was worried it wasn’t enough food, as the chicken teriyaki was solely for the little guy, so I added a miso soup and Tako Yaki (fried octopus ball-6 pcs). As the food began to arrive, we quickly realized it was probably unnecessary to have added more items on. The udon was larger than expected in a combo. Another surprise was the assorted tempura included salmon, although I didn’t like how the prawn tempura came out. The Rainbow Roll hits my mmmmura scale. It is a California Roll topped with assorted sashimi, which is a two-for-one with me given that I normally order sashimi in addition to sushi. Having it on one roll saves money and fills me up just the same!

It was a challenge finishing all of the food, even with the little guy doing his part. However, I am happy to report that D. and I were up to the challenge and nothing went to waste! I think we’ve found a new go-to.

Kojima Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato  

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