Chomp at this chicken burger!

When I find a place that I enjoy, my habit is that I always order the same thing, because I enjoyed it so much the first time. The Bamboo Cafe is one example. I’ve posted about it before because I love their lip-smacking dry ribs.

Today, however, I prodded myself to move my eyes on their menu order board and try something else.

My latest discovery was their Chicken Club Burger. I had it to go and really wished that I took a pic so you could enjoy it with your eyes as much as I did with my taste buds.

Their chicken club is made with grilled chicken, thick-cut and crispy bacon, fresh large-leaf lettuce, crunchy pickle slice, and a firm yet juicy slice of tomato. All of this sits between a thick, yet soft ciabatta bun, and was quite the mouthful to bite all the way through. It was larger than I expected, and larger than most burger places serve. The mayo added to the “napkin-factor” of which I needed four in total. I had ordered a side of fries, but was so satisfied and full from the burger, I gave my fries away.

I know it’s been a few months since I last posted, so that in itself should be a testament to how much I enjoyed this burger! ‘Nuff said.

One comment

  1. From my recent trip to Bamboo Cafe, I was pleasantly surprised. The pastries were very flavourful, I had some good coffee, and the atmosphere was relaxed. More people should check this place out! 😀

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