Flavour at a whole ‘nother level at Fat Duck

I love when I just come upon some great food by accident! Sometimes when you search for it, you get disappointed, so I love happy coincidences that bring good food and my mouth together.

I was working downtown and needed to eat lunch. Nearest food truck on my walking horizon was the Fat Duck Mobile Eatery. While it was a sunny day, it was pretty brisk (albeit by Vancouver standards), so I took it as a good indicator that there was a bit of a line.

20150113_124240I wasn’t feeling like having any sort of sandwich so I ordered the Dirty Rice Bowl, which is described on their menu as “infused rice with duck confit, braised pork butt & belly, pickled vegetables, scallions, cilantro, Kung Pao mayo and a sunny egg”, and all for just $10. From the first-bite my mouth was thrilled!

Every forkful brought on different textures with flavours that worked really well together. One bite might be from the crunchy pickled slaw. Another would be the tasty duck confit with perfectly cooked rice. Then you would take in a bit of the savoury pork belly that blended well with the Kung Pao mayo. The egg yolk added another dimension to the food as well. Then another bite would bring some crispy and fresh scallions into play helping to cleanse the palette a little and start the process all over again. I didn’t leave behind a thing. I haven’t had such a good meal for only $10 in a long time. Definitely makes the mmmmura scale.

Fat Duck Mobile Eatery Ltd. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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