Delectable food at Dinesty on Robson

dinestyThanks once again to H. for the recommendation! Went out for a ladies lunch and we were in walking distance to Dinesty Chinese Restaurant on Robson. From the outside it might seem a bit understated but inside it was quite hopping.

Upon entering you are welcomed with a glassed-in open kitchen where you can see several chefs preparing various fresh dim sum. We were seated immediately but the restaurant was quite full and very busy.

I loved their menu! Photos were very sharp and appealing and each item had its own photo. Despite the clarity of the menu we still experienced what would end up being a happy mistake – instead of the crispy bean curd we had ordered, we ended up with a melon and bean curd dish. The melon was cooked perfectly and even I ate that gulay up! It also had snow peas, which I think N. enjoyed.

We also ordered eggplant with pork in chili sauce. I chose it because it reminded me of a Chili Pepper House dish. Dinesty’s version was a bit more spicy. I think I was the one who liked it the most out of the four of us.

The sweet and sour chicken was also delicious. Avid fans know I do not normally like sweet meat, but in this case an exception was made. The chicken had a balance of batter and sauce and was crispy on the outside, and yet the chicken meat itself wasn’t tough. Some Chinese Restaurants seems to deep fry the heck out of the chicken before saucing, which totally destroys the texture.

However, the reason I titled this delectable was the shrimp fried rice. Very simple dish – shrimp, rice, beaten egg, and perfectly cooked cabbage mixed in and I couldn’t get enough! We even ordered a second plate since we had some ulam still remaining, but I could have eaten the rice all on its own. As it was I had to control myself to ensure I could ask for the leftovers for my dinner tonight! My friends graciously allowed me to take home the doggie bag.

H. suggested that if and when we go back to definitely try the croaker fish as it is cooked in banana leaves, as well as the dim sum that has soup inside, both have me hoping for a quick opportunity to return. N. also mentioned it has a great private room if you want to have a dinner for a group of ten.

Dinesty Dumpling House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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