Kumare didn’t cut it

Spending a concentrated amount of time in Richmond recently finally enabled me to visit Kumare Filipino Restaurant and Bakery with D.


I ordered the pork sinigang (tamarind soup). I thought the dish was average. While its overall soup/veggie portion and vegetable choices are comparable to Pin Pin in Vancouver (eggplant, okra, green beans, bok choy, radish), it was a little bit cheaper than Pin Pin and even Max’s Restaurant offerings of the same dish, which are the two Filipino restaurants where I order this dish most often. However, it didn’t have the heat (not spice) of Pin Pin and it didn’t have the meat portion of Max’s. Trust me – I counted – four small pieces of pork for a $9 soup dish is abysmal.

D chose to order lechon paksiw (roasted suckling pig stew) and gulay ng may gata (vegetables with coconut milk). First the good – D enjoyed the lechon paksiw. She said it was authentically Filipino, using the meat from the head of the pig and cooked and flavoured well. She had equally bad things to say about the vegetables. This dish was primarily made up of green beans and yellow squash. The squash was cooked unevenly, making most of the dish inedible. When she raised the issue with the restaurant, they offered to “re-cook it”, which she declined and instead chose to leave the leftovers in the restaurant.

Since it was early evening and not that busy I expected that service would have been a bit more attentive. Our server changed mid-way through the meal which may have also affected any rapport we had built with our first server.

From their website, Kumare is trying to sell itself as a Filipino/Thai restaurant, but its menu choices are predominantly Filipino and lengthy. Perhaps narrowing down the amount of menu choices and improving the dishes that remain would be a good strategy for improvement.

Kumare Restaurant & Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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