Real deal at Red Ginger

I love it when I stumble upon a good restaurant completely by chance! After an appointment took a lot less time than expected, I was scouting for a quick lunch spot since I had more than an hour still paid into my parking space.

I walked into one restaurant, which I quickly discovered was completely vegetarian, so just as quickly found the door. Then I moved on and found Red Ginger Asian Cuisine in the 900 block of West Broadway.

I admit I am watching my bucks these days so the lunch special sign was the first attraction. Upon entering I was quickly seated and was being smiled at by a cute little boy enjoying his lunch at a table nearby.

The lunch special menu had a lot of variety and pretty much everything for under $8! I ordered the chicken in black bean sauce. With these specials you get soup, salad, the main course, and rice.

Talagang mmmmura. (To recall what this rating means hop over to my “About” tab on my blog.)

Service was quick, efficient, and friendly. The soup was egg and corn, not a huge serving but enough. Actually I didn’t even finish it anyway as I was eager to eat my lunch dish which arrived soon after. The salad, chicken with black bean and rice all came on one dish, but I was pretty pleased with the portions. The salad was already dressed, which sometimes I don’t enjoy, but I liked their dressing even if I couldn’t pin point exactly what kind of dressing it was. I ate all of my salad and rice and was not really seeking more. The main had plenty of fresh vegetables made up of zucchini, red and green pepper, and quartered onion, which were all excellently cooked as they still had a bit of crunch. There was enough black bean sauce to entirely coat the dish without making each mouthful super salty. For the price it also had quite a bit of chicken, which I, being the protein-packer that I am, really appreciated!

All this ended with a real deal of $8.35. Even with leaving a 20% tip, I still could pay with a ten dollar bill and feel completely satisfied.

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