Happy with happy hour at Thoa’s

In March, D and I went to Seattle for a “couples” weekend, probably the last one we’ll have with just the two of us for a while.

It was perfect! The weather, visiting the Aquarium, the Public Market, just soaking in time with one another. Somewhere in between all of that we did have to eat.

Strangely, walking up and down the streets nearest to the Market did not result in a ton of choices for restaurants. I admit, we weren’t walking too far, but we did put in some effort.

Around a corner before we were going to give up and eat near our hotel, we discovered Thoa’s Contemporary Vietnamese Cuisine. Happily, it was also happy hour which seems to be a big thing in the States. So the small-plates-lover in me got to order a bunch of items. While all were appetizer size, because of the price and the quantity that we were able to order, we filled up pretty quick.

D had really fresh shrimp rolls which were deceptively filling, given its size. I had chicken lettuce wraps. While the lettuce wrap could have used more hoisin sauce I did enjoy the marinade on the chicken. We quickly ate up their fried gyoza. With six in a serving, we could’ve easily order a few dishes and lapped it up. I need to ensure the next time I arrive it is happy hour once again!IMG_4644 IMG_4645 IMG_4646



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