House of Wings is hard to swallow

Whenever I visit my in-laws we pass at least two places with wing specials and I knew that I was going to try one of them one day.

D and I decided to hit House of Wings on Kingsway in South Burnaby. With its 37 cent wings signs plastered on each of their dining windows, it’s hard to miss, unfortunately the experience quickly became hard to swallow.

My first tip off that things may be amiss should have been the cash only signs at the door and a repeated reminder by the server after our order. Don’t get me wrong, I go to cash only places all the time, but the overemphasis here became a bit suspicious – a feeling of impending closure seemed to hang in the air.

I ordered 10 Buffalo wings, but initially had wanted to try the sampler where I could have tried 5 different styles of wings (a 25 wing order), but I couldn’t convince D to share them with me. This was a blessing in disguise I soon found.

D instead chose the seafood platter and ended up making the better decision between the two of us. This is not the first time this has happened to me.

My wings were thickly battered (which I detest), unevenly sauced (we are talking splotches of sauce in three different parts of a small plate), and with too much heat to enjoy. I didn’t finish my dish and avid readers know how I hate to waste protein.

D got the better end of the deal. Even though the seafood platter was a tad pricey at $16.50, at least we were able to eat from all that was offered. The “chippers” were thicker than potato chips but thinner than thick-cut fries, but I found they held a lot of oil. The shrimp popcorn and calamari were average. The cod pieces were beer battered (heavily beer battered). The dish came with four different dipping sauces, sloppily put into its small containers and average in taste, but again, at least we ate most of this dish.

On top of the food the service was underpar. Our server was polite and friendly, just not well trained. Our water had very thin ice that melted after a couple of minutes. After serving us our food we didn’t see our server again until almost the end of our meal, we had to prompt her ourselves for water refills by calling for her across the hallway to prompt a third visit to our table, and she didn’t ask us if we wanted to bring home any left over parts of our meals. I then remembered a handwritten sign in the window saying “no doggie bags”. Well, I can certainly say even if asked, we wouldn’t have brought the left over food home anyhow, not even for 37 cents.

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  1. Aww…I feel for ya! Not much that is more disappointing than anticipating a mouth-watering experience and it being sub-standard. 😦

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