Feeding Two Passions in Penticton

Whenever I am on the road, I am always benefiting from local recommendations, so it’s making me less-and-less shy to ask. In Penticton, Darrell-Lee paved the way for me to feed two of my passions, books and food.

I was facilitating a course which ended around 4:30 pm, so D-L suggested I scoot straight out the front door and look for The Book Shop. It is reportedly one of the largest used book stores in Canada! This was only my second time to Penticton for work, and I was sure glad for this tip. Being a Saturday, by the time I had tidied my ‘classroom’ I had only 45 minutes to peruse. I used all of that time to come out with four great books, one of which I was planning on buying from Chapter’s the week before but glad I didn’t because I got it at The Book Shop for a third of the price! Given my time I focused on three areas of the store, but it left me feeling like there were so many undiscovered treasures waiting upon my next trip. I would’ve bought more books, but I was bringing course materials back with me and thought my baggage would be over weight.

Happily strolling in a kind of book-drunken stupor, I found one of the three restaurants D-L recommended, The Wild Scallion. After days on the road I must admit I was looking for some white rice. I didn’t know the restaurant’s whole history before I came, so I encourage folks to check out their website. I think it will add to your experience.

I loved the atmosphere, very simple, yet original. They have an old-fashion counting machine masquerading as their cash register. There is a large chalk board overhead with their menu. They also had striking art work up and around, all created by local artists.

For food, they had “boxed” suggestions, so I ordered a full meal with my “main” being braised Shiitake mushrooms with an add on of terriyaki chicken. Boxes come with jasmine rice and cabbage salad. I chose the spicy garlic lime sauce for the salad and really liked the zing. The chicken breast seemed like it was marinated in the terriyaki sauce, because it penetrated throughout the meat. To finish, their ginger tea comes with a punch so be ready for its impact!

The Wild Scallion on Urbanspoon

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