Eating at the Edge

When you are in a location for days of bargaining, you get an opportunity to eat several meals from the hotel restaurant’s menu. In this case I was eating at The Edge.

Most lunch offerings come with a side salad or fries, or I learned that you can ask for half-and-half, which I took advantage of. My first lunch was an Edge steak sandwich. It was an open-faced sandwich but I found it satisfying as the one slice was thick garlic toast.  I asked them to hold the caramelized onions, which I believe made the remaining mushrooms better as they were well cooked, not oily, nor salty. I asked for the steak to be medium, but it came medium well.

Predictably, I couldn’t resist trying the hot wings. I am constantly on the search for my current favourite source in BC. Unfortunately the Edge was not it. They weren’t bad, just average. Deep fried with very little sauce, it almost looked like the sauce was dripped on the wings here and there. I had to ask for more hot sauce so I could dip or drizzle it myself. They weren’t dried out but I also wouldn’t describe them as overly juicy, nor overly meaty. I had to ask for celery and ranch dressing to help cut the heat as I don’t think its served with these usual standard sides in a regular serving.

I enjoyed the macaroni ’n cheese. The side salad has an apple cider vinaigrette that I enjoyed and the salad comes liberally dressed. This mac ‘n cheese was baked, no bread crumbs, but had good cheese throughout and was not salty. I don’t think that it is made of more than one cheese though.

The Edge burger looked and tasted great! It was hefty with fresh ingredients. I enjoy burgers you really have to bite into and get a little messy. I liked the long cut dill pickle, the crunch of the crisp and thick slice of bacon, and the melted cheddar cheese. Those additional, yet separate, steps in its preparation really bring the burger together.
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