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I have been to Max’s Restaurant a couple more times since my March 2012 post. I did promise readers that I would return and try different things on the menu.

Max’s Restaurant is known for its chicken. Our first trip back we had a family-sized order. I found the chicken a bit dry but I did like the chicken skin. Folks who were with me who have experienced the ‘real thing’ in the Philippines said it was different and not up to their expectations.

As a sinigang-lover (sour soup) I had to try that, and Max’s, like my previous palabok entry, is now my favourite restaurant in B.C. for sinigang not made at home. I appreciate the fresh and different vegetables that they include, unlike the veggies in Pin Pin Restaurant’s version. G commented that she suspects the taste difference also may be because Max’s probably uses real tamarind to get the sour taste and not the store-bought powder that most people use.

On a different visit we couldn’t resist ordering the crispy pata (deep fried pork leg). The menu had only two sizes – medium and full. We chose the medium and it is quite a size! We couldn’t finish it between the two of us and had enough left over for two meals afterwards. It was well cooked and a large portion to boot, impressive! In the background of this shot you can also see we tried the pancit bihon (Filipino fried rice noodles). I found it average in taste, the noodles were a bit mushy, and the dish needed more protein.

Even after the crispy pata D was still interested in trying a dessert. She ordered halo-halo, which literally means “mix”, and is normally a mixture of shaved ice, evaporated milk and a variety of fruits, sweet beans, ice cream, etc. Again, a decent portion and while I am not normally a fan of desserts, I helped eat this all up!

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