Finding Filipino Food in Las Vegas

I’ve only been to Las Vegas twice (as an adult) and on this last trip D and I discovered Kapit Bahay Filipino Fast Food – on the strip no less!

I understand that they have a few franchises in the United States. While I don’t normally say this, you should go to their website just for the entertainment factor of their own version of Katy Perry’s song “California Girls” with Filipino food-specific lyrics that plays on the website’s home page. It is hilarious!

While I was thrilled to find Filipino food on the Las Vegas Strip, I think the sign for “Filipino Fastfood” was a bit misleading as I was thinking about Jollibee or Chowking in comparison. Kapit Bahay is a simple turo-turo spot, food waiting under heat lamps for you to choose from.

D and I ordered a large tortang talong (eggplant omelette), which was a generous portion. I tried their sinigang ng baboy (pork in sour soup broth), which I rate as below average and a bit fatty. D and I shared their munggo guisado (sauteed mung beans normally with a protein like pork and/or shrimp). Not only was it bland, in my bowl portion I got one shrimp and no other protein at all.

To top it off, perhaps because of the smaller size of the restaurant, they do not offer a public washroom and patrons have to walk to the building next door to relieve themselves.

I would probably only return to Kapit Bahay if I was desperate for Filipino food and if I couldn’t make the 10 minute ride to the off-strip Jollibee or Chowking.
Kapit Bahay on Urbanspoon

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