Housebound home cooking

One of the blessings to being housebound is the opportunity for some great home cooking, and when you have a partner like I have, the talent and taste goes hand in hand.

D recently made us roasted lamb, with roasted potatoes and asparagus, on a bed of couscous.

The aroma from the lamb alone made we want to run to the dinner table. The plate was beautifully arranged, restaurant quality with twice the protein portion size that you would normally get! I actually couldn’t finish my lamb. We both admitted that the asparagus was overcooked, but I liked it crunchy. It was her first time to make couscous which I enjoy in small portions.

What really made all of the different parts of this dish come together, but what is unseen in the picture, is the dip. D made her own cucumber mint yogurt dip that was very light and refreshing. Perfect with the lamb. Great with the potatoes. Even helped me down the couscous. It was also a great palette cleanser for the end of the meal.

Later on in the week, I was again spoiled with a special presentation. D’s latest creation is tilapia with asparagus and cherry tomato fried rice, with mango salsa.

D is always trying to improve her culinary skills, so this time it was about deboning fish. The tilapia was light and flaky, and its skin was crispy without being salty. The lemon slice was a nice touch, but its juice wasn’t a necessary addition. The fried rice had a touch of fresh parsley, and the asparagus and cherry tomatoes were cooked perfectly with it. I really enjoyed the mango and red onion salsa. This was a perfect portion size as I don’t have my full appetite back, so I was able to finish this dish and we didn’t have any unnecessary leftovers. What a treat, thanks D!

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