Bishop’s is best for several things

Thanks to our friends Ning and Alex, when D and I wanted to go somewhere special to celebrate our anniversary, their handy gift certificate to Bishop’s helped soften the blow in terms of price. But having had the experience, I think that it is definitely worth it regardless!

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Beginning with being greeted by who I believe was the owner, John Bishop, and also welcomed by the Maitre D’ and a couple of servers in a matter of minutes before being seated.

While we were making our dinner choices, we were presented with a complimentary amuse-bouche, which I explained to D, was supposed to be a bite-sized hors d’oeuvre. It was a savory pumpkin custard with something pickled and fried crisps as garnish. I had tried a tiny bit, then realizing that to fully enjoy it I should stay true to its intent and eat it in one bite, I did that instead. I haven’t experienced anything like it before, and I liked the competing textures to start off the meal.

The bread they presented was a treat. Two kinds: one a sourdough-cherry, which tasted more like a dessert bread like a banana bread, and the second, a currants, fennel and pecan bread, which D and I enjoyed more, but couldn’t really taste the pecan in it. Neither were warm, which I prefer in my dinner breads.

D didn’t want a starter, but I couldn’t resist ordering the soup of the day. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of it, and it is not on their standard menu, but I know that it was a squash soup, with oil and herbs.

On to the entrees. D ordered the Peace Country Rack of Lamb, which is accompanied with roasted sieglinde potato (certified organic), carrots and balsamic jus. The dish also included dark beets. I liked its rough and tumble presentation style, where usually rack of lamb dishes are presented perfectly lined up. D had it medium-rare and declared it was the best lamb she ever tasted, especially the jus. I tried a couple of bites and enjoyed it, but thought it was more on the rare side, rather than medium-rare.

I had ordered the sablefish, with brandade cake, spinach, and truffled sabayon. It was the best seafood dish I have ever had! I couldn’t stop myself from making “mmmm” noises throughout! The chef got a great crisp on the fish, which was perfectly cooked. I learned that a brandade cake is an emulsion of salt cod and olive oil with potatoes (it can also be made with bread). This was delightful, creamy, and at the very end of the dish, just a touch salty. In-between these two layers was a fresh layer of spinach, which, when combined with the truffled sabayon, almost became like a creamed spinach. The vertical presentation, led me to dive my fork in and get all the layers for a biteful, and the reward was great! Even the garnish of micro greens at the top added not only to the beauty but the taste of the dish.

For dessert we decided to share the warm apple bread pudding with cider ice cream. It was a great size to share, deceptively filling, but perhaps this was because I was coming off of my three course meal. The bread pudding was dense and paired well with the cider ice cream, which I hadn’t had before. We each had a apple chip which was perfectly toasted. I believe the bread pudding was surrounded by brown sugar syrup and yellow cherries, which D enjoyed and finished that off in a jif.

Overall, Bishop’s had excellent service, where we felt welcomed from entrance to exit. They even cleaned our table of bread crumbs at one point before our next course was served. Before going I had also reviewed their website, especially their history and menu, which made for great conversation during the meal. I especially appreciate the history of the Executive Chef  Andrea Carlson. While it is a pricey experience, for special occasions, I would not hesitate to visit again.

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