Some good picks at Paesano’s

Last week I had an impromptu lunch with D and our friend Ning. D and I were in Richmond anyway so we called up N and she suggested we try Paesano’s. I am always up for Italian and thought it was a great idea.

It was a gorgeous day so we requested to sit outside in direct sunlight. Our server was a very bubbly and assured woman who quickly told us about the specials. As crab cakes was an appetizer special we ordered that to start. Our server was adamant that we should also try their bread, which, in her words, “is not like bread from other restaurants, that come out to you cold and hard.” She told us that if we didn’t enjoy the bread we won’t have to pay for it and she’ll eat it herself. Who could resist that kind of guarantee?

We all enjoyed it. While it may appear to be one big slice in this picture, it was actually cut into four smaller slices, so was a perfect starter to share amongst three people. The toppings were fresh with green olives, tomatoes, capers, and of course melted cheese. The bread itself had herbs baked right into it and the dipping sauce was also light. It felt like the exact thing to enjoy outside on a sunny day.

Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the crab cakes as much. N liked them a lot. Each cake was thinner than I expected and while I did taste the crab, nothing else jumped out at me as a “wow” moment. The accompanying sauce, which it was swimming in, didn’t add anything to the dish for me either.

For our entrees D and I both ordered the pasta special which was Lobster Ravioli. N had the Veal Marsala is one of her favourite dishes here. I devoured my plate of pasta. While you get several ravioli, big pasta eaters should ensure they order starters as we did to fully complete the meal. Each ravioli had a substantial amount of lobster, which was the predominant taste once you bit in. I really enjoyed what I believe was the rose sauce. I contemplated taking an “after” photo to show how I practically wiped the plate clean of sauce and all, but all you would see then would be a white plate.

N and I shared the tiramisu. While I like its presentation, it was probably more a result of the design on the plate than anything else. I have had much better tiramisu elsewhere.

Overall, spending a sunshine-filled lunch near the water in Steveston is not a bad way to enjoy yourself every once in a while.

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  1. I agree! Crab/fish cakes should not sit in sauce…maybe some thick dressing lightly spoon over top. That’s because you spend time making the cake like a disc that’s not too thin then brown the tops and bottoms so that you have varying textures in your mouth. Good food should be an experience to satisfy your many senses.

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