‘Bout time I blog about Bo Laksa

It actually has been months since I first went to Bo Laksa King’s Bubbles & Bits on East Hastings near Penticton Street. One of those restaurants on the “to blog” list. Even just the name of it, when Sharon told us about it made me say, “What? Where are we going for dinner?”

S discovered Bo Laksa in a newspaper article that claimed that East Vancouver was now becoming Vancouver’s food mecca. First of all, what is this “becoming” business, most of the great food I enjoy has always been EAST VAN BA-BY!

Ahem, anyways. We did try this out, and I have gone back twice since. One main reason is everything on the menu, except for one item, is less than $9!Another is the tasty food we enjoy while there.

My favourite item on the menu, avid readers will be shocked to learn, is their papaya salad. Yes, believe it or not my favourite thing is a dish that has practically no meat in it (is shrimp a meat?)

The shredded green papaya, crisp red onions, and crushed peanuts give it its crunch. The thinly sliced tomatoes, dried shrimps, cilantro, garlic, lime and vinaigrette dressing make it lip smacking and the fresh red chilli gives it a great kick. I admit I was first forced to try it on my second trip to Bo Laksa, but I’ve been thinking of it ever since and it was the first thing I ordered this time around.

D really wanted the Roti Canai, which apparently is an authentic South-East Asian pastry pancake served with one of two sauces, D chose the chicken curry dipping sauce. She really enjoyed it; light, fluffy, and mixed with the savoury taste of the sauce. I was enjoying the papaya salad too much to bother with the roti.

The other thing I like about Bo Laksa is that you can order dishes that come with rice, but the way they present it in a separate bowl means everyone at the table can share the dishes at will. The drunken beef is a great example of this. It’s a frequent order for me.

You often have to wait a little bit for a table, and it isn’t a great spot if you are a very large group, but for a very simple and petite restaurant, it is definitely mmmura, masarap and worth your moolah!

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