Woodburn then Wu’s

A food feature that was unexpected during our long weekend Easter adventure occurred in Oregon. First of all, it was great to spend most of the day chatting and shopping with my cousin Jen at Woodburn Outlet Mall. It was an additional plus to end the evening with a tasty dinner at Wu’s Open Kitchen Restaurant.

This open kitchen concept, where you could easily see the chefs creating the cuisine you are waiting for, reminded me a little of Hon’s Restaurant on Keefer in Vancouver’s Chinatown. However, its large round tables in the dining room reminds me of the olden days in Winnipeg’s Marigold Chinese Restaurants (calling on all Winnipeggers to pause for appropriate nostalgic moment here).

Wu’s Open Kitchen proclaims itself to specialize in Chinese Szechuan and Hunan Cuisine. Going with Jen’s experience, we tried some of her favourites and she gave suggestions on some of the menu items we wanted to try.

Her favourite dish, the shrimp and chicken combination was delicious. Both proteins were cooked well and included what we guessed were water chestnuts and bamboo shoots which gave the dish a great crunch!

I really enjoyed two of the other dishes we had, the shredded pork in black bean sauce was really tasty. The black bean sauce was very balanced, not overpowering to the vegetables, nor the pork. Other restaurants sometimes over does the black bean sauce and you can’t taste anything else.

I also enjoyed the House Special Sizzling Platter. One of the best ways to generate my appetite and get my mouth watering is to bring me a sizzling platter of anything in brown sauce (within reason). Sarap! In this special we enjoyed beef, chicken, shrimp, crispy rice and yes a very healthy portion of fresh vegetables. If there weren’t so many of us I could easily have made this dish my entire meal, no additional rice needed.

Overall we ordered several dishes because we wanted to try so many. Between the five of us (Jen, D, mom and my sister Jane) we still couldn’t finish all of the food, but those kind of leftovers are always heavenly.

Wu's Open Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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