Crackin’ the Crab Pot Seafood Experience

When I asked my mom, sister and D to spend the Easter long weekend in the U.S. I was determined that at least one of our meals was going to hit one of the food joints so often featured in Seattle or Portland on television. I researched a list, previewed food blogs and food review shows, and came up with several options in both cities, just in case.

The restaurant that prevailed was the Crab Pot Seafood Restaurant in Seattle.

While the long benches and the sea of people may put you off, they turn over the tables pretty quick so if you can persevere for 20 minutes, and choose the “first seats available” option you’ll be okay. Once seated, the four of us were suited up in large plastic bibs, almost the same material that you would wear at your dentist’s office, really. Then of course, came our “utensils”. A mallet, a fork, and a board to pound our food on.

Between the four of us we ordered two pacific clambake specialties. They brought us warm and buttery sourdough bread to begin, which was good as we had saved up our appetite for this meal so we were starving!

Then came a huge metal bowl filled with two types of crab (Snow and Dungeness), oysters, clams, mussels, shrimp, red potatoes, corn on the cob, and two skewers of salmon and halibut, plus some andouille sausage. It was all steamed with the Crab Pot’s own spices and ceremoniously dumped out on the butcher paper that was our table cloth. We happily began to devour this feast dipping our seafood into butter or malt vinegar. (I preferred the malt vinegar option). D claimed the salmon was a bit dry but mom really liked the halibut. I found the Snow Crab a bit stringy. We wanted more crab so we ordered a half-and-half, meaning we got half an Alaskan King Crab and half a Dungeness crab. I couldn’t recall if I had tried king crab before, and now can appreciate why it is a sought after seafood. For my regular crab needs, however, I am perfectly happy to stick to Dungeness. We were completely satisfied afterwards.

While a bit pricey for a lunch, it was the food and the experience we were fishing for. I loved their menu caricatures and font, and would have loved to try other things on the menu, but was so focused on having a feast I didn’t consider anything else.

Crab Pot Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon


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