Finally – on the food at the Chili Pepper House

I have been meaning to blog about the Chili Pepper House for such a long time (the Indian-Chinese restaurant found on the corner of Kingsway and Rupert).

First introduced to me by my co-worker, Janelle, I really enjoy the food at this place. Sometimes if a number of us did not bring a lunch, we’ll toss in a few bucks and make a group order to share. It’s fun to go with Janelle when she goes to pick up the meals. They love her there and usually end up talking to her for ten minutes just shooting the breeze. They are real down-to-earth folks and I like that about them.

Some of our menu faves:

  • Janelle turned me on to their chicken pakoras, which are crisp and crunchy enough on the outside, but still soft, succulent chicken on the inside. Also it has a light chili sauce that accompanies it and doesn’t disturb the crunch when added.
  • The side I believe I helped the group discover was the Mongolian Beef. Basically a lot of saucy meat, with some green onions. I know I’m not known for choosing the veggie-heavy dishes, right?
  • Another must-have for me is their ginger shrimp. It doesn’t look like much on presentation, but I again enjoy the flavours of the sauce, the shrimp is never overcooked and has just the right thickness in terms of its batter.
  • The group usually orders the fried green beans in garlic. Personally, I find it a bit oily, but I ensure that I eat at least a few so that I meet my own vegetable quota for the day.

Today I had lunch there with Joey, a great a sister-in-the struggle trade unionist. It was busy! For something that is a sit down lunch, there were a lot of people hustling and bustling in and out of there.

In addition to my chicken pakoras and mongolian beef mainstays, we  tried their eggplant in black bean sauce (my first time).

The eggplant was still firm, and when you bit into it you could actually see that the sauce had begun to penetrate the flesh to instill more flavour. It had medium heat, but I could’ve stood spicier.

Have I mentioned the portions? Pretty hefty, especially because there was only two of us eating.  Please note that we had ordered the chicken pakoras from under the appetizer heading, and were surprised when we received a full plate!

Overall I really enjoyed the food, yet again, and didn’t want to delay blogging about it – finally!

Chili Pepper House (Vancouver) on Urbanspoon

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