Car cakes are Cool!

For D’s milestone birthday I ordered a cake from Cakeaters.

D loves yellow, in particular she loves yellow sports cars. So I sent Wendy at Cakeaters two photos, both yellow, but one of a Toyota Celica and one of a Lambourghini. I wanted a 3-D cake for the special occassion and I left it up to Wendy to choose which style she would design.

I was pretty pleased with the result. It had a cool fin, the license plate had the magic number, and it has a nice border greeting in the front. It also had specific details, like the wheel hubs, front and rear headlights, hood details and a sun roof. While it may look smaller than expected, it actually fed quite a few with cake to spare.

I’m not a big cake eater, so I actually didn’t have any. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting layers in triple. Direct comments from D were, “The cake was very moist, very tasty! It was cute, my favourite colour, I loved it!”



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