Roadtrip Refreshments

I know I haven’t posted in a while, work and life have been busy (yes, in that order). However I went on a recent roadtrip and can’t help but comment on some of the food I experienced. Unfortunately no pictures this time (still trying to improve my food-photo abilities).

I first went to Penticton. I was trying hard not to eat from the regular franchise fare but failed miserably later on in the trip (as you’ll see).

In Penticton we went to a cafe/diner on Main Street for lunch (the name of the place escapes me because the food was just as forgettable), however on the walk back to where I was staying we passed by Saigon on Main and the food looked great so we decided to return for dinner. Unfortunately, its “award-winning” Vietnamese Spring Rolls were just ok, not even hitting my sarap-scale.

I did try the Barking Parrot Bar for lunch with my participants. I had the Barking Parrot Chef Salad, which was generous in its serving of salad and chicken, very crisp vegetables, but a little too much of the sundried tomato and garlic balsamic vinegar dressing for me. Next time I would have to ask for it on the side.

Next stop Kelowna. Tired from facilitation and driving duties, room service was the way to go so I’m not quite sure which restaurant to credit this food with. Continuing on a “lifestyle change” of healthier eating I did request a chicken club “wrap”. The menu put wrap in quotations not me. It was my surprise meal of the trip – very tasty, very savoury. With a soft cheese tortilla, just the right amount of chicken, and crispy bacon and vegetables. With a salad included it became my highlight dinner.

Prince George brought me back to franchise fare. I ate at the White Spot twice, both for lunch (walking distance from where I stayed). I tried to stick to some tried and true favourites, but the dry ribs in this case – talagang hindi masarap! You know I am picky about my meat. The ribs were thin on the bone, no flavour even with salt, and poor presentation. I did go again (proximity remember) and found some okay seafood fusilli. My one dinner in the town was at the Coffee Garden. A great written description of the crab cakes made me try it (but the words were better than the substance). The cakes were too large and on a bed of a strangely thinned out salad. I tried it as my starter but only ate one. My ulam was a chicken quesadilla, which was sarap, once you took off the unnecessary sliced jalapeno peppers on top of it.

Before driving home from Kelowna, dinner at Milestone’s was at least on par with other Milestone’s. The spinach and artichoke dip with nachos was great, and the sirloin with double vegetables (no carbs) was a satisfying end to my latest food experience.

Next road trip I’ll try to research more original food offered by great hometown cooks. I appreciate that more and more. I’m now looking forward to a home cooked meal for dinner, wonder what it will be?


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