Simply alimango

The other night we enjoyed steamed alimango (crab). Personally, I enjoy crab much more than lobster (although I haven’t had that much lobster in my life).

I’ve had crab deep fried, in coconut milk, in fried rice, but when it’s nice and simple in terms of just steamed, and you have freshly cooked white rice and great sawsawan (dipping sauce), you are ready for a masmasarap experience.

Dinah steamed these crab, but Glecy explained to me that the process and timing is everything. Many people who overcook crab usually comment after, “Sayang, ang payat!” (That’s too bad, it’s so skinny!)  meaning not meaty. However, she explained that those who overcook crab will get stringy, thin, rubbery crab.

Definitely not so with that night’s offering. We even tried a new sawsawan and I just had to include a pic. This Suka Pinakurat is a spicy vinegar which gave the crab an extra kick. I loved the companies saying below, “Good things come in glass.”

I’m guessing that in the Philippines, it’s a good saying because things of value would be worth having the bote (bottle). For example, if you’ve bought pop at a small sari-sari store (kinda like a mini-convenience store) you would usually order the pop, they’ll open up the bottle and pour it into a slim, clear plastic bag with a straw for you to enjoy. Then you don’t have to pay a deposit, nor return the bote, but it does create additional waste.

While there were five of us enjoying these crab (Dinah, Glecy, Ruth, Sharon and myself) we weren’t able to finish them all. I hope Dinah makes the leftovers into crab cakes. Mmm…

p.s. There was gulay accompanying this meal, but I didn’t take a picture, even though it was tasty. Just sayin’ as lots of folks think I hardly eat gulay.

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