My first dessert entry, strawberry cake, homemade by Joanna.

This was my best shot of the cake, which definitely does not do it justice. (Note to self: must improve picture-taking abilities).

Joanna brought a large cake pan of this cake in to work on Friday to help celebrate Hetty’s birthday, (the second birthday she has been with us), and it was gone pretty quick, with people scraping from the bottom of the pan for the last bits.

This cake definitely hits the masarap scale. It was sweet without being a possible toothache, and I loved the frosting. It was creamy and flavourful. I could have just had the frosting, but the cake was good too, moist and fluffy!

Now while this is my first dessert entry, I certainly hope it’s not my last. Especially because I have so many friends who are in to baking. (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Hopefully I’ll be eating more desserts really soon!

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